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 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Best time for resting at Kyrgyzstan and Issyk Kul?

The best time for resting at Issyk Kul is the middle of July, beginning of August. It is the most favourable time. 

Temperature in Kyrgyzstan

The climate in Kyrgyzstan is extremely varied - from sharply continental to sea. The average summer temperature in the plains is
30-40 ˚, in the foothill and mountain areas - 20-16 ˚. In winter the temperature is from -4 ˚ to -14 ˚. Above 3500 m. is the area of glaciers and eternal snow. Summer is cool, winter is frosty, snow doesn’t melt during the whole year.

Language spoken in Kyrgyzstan

The state language in Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyz. But almost all population of the country fluently speaks Russian.  

The location of Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic is located in Central Asia. It borders on Kazakhstan in the North, Uzbekistan - in the West, Tajikistan - in the Southwest, and China - in the Southeast. 

Religion of Kyrgyz people

The Kyrgyz are Sunni Muslims. 

Kyrgyz money

Som - Kyrgyz currency. Som - the only legal tender means on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Currency can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices and in many stores. Not only accepted U.S. dollar and euro, but also British pound, Russian ruble, Kazakh tenge, Uzbek sum, Chinese yuan and other currencies can be exchanged.
Credit cards are accepted at most banks and some large hotels of Bishkek. Travelers' checks can be cashed at the offices of major banks, licensed exchange offices and in some large shops of the capital, but the percentage is high (3-7%). In the province the usage of cashless means of payment is nearly impossible.
Banks are open from 9.00-9.30 to 17.00-17.30 from Monday to Friday, day off - Saturday and Sunday.

Visa to Kyrgyzstan

Visa to Kyrgyzstan

Mobile operators in Kyrgyzstan

There are 6 main mobile operators in Kyrgyzstan: LLC «Sky Mobile» (under the pretext  of Beeline), Telekom (trade name О!), "СоТel" (NEXI), MegaCom, KATEL, «АkТеl» (FONEX).

Kyrgyzstan cuisine

Local cuisine in Kyrgyzstan is cheap and plentiful. Usually flat bread and green or black tea is served to food. The traditional cuisine oily and junk food, which is unusual for Europeans, prevails. In Kyrgyzstan many national drinks are unique, and have the unusual taste. In the mountains you should taste home ayran (average between kefir and sour clotted milk) and kumys (fermented mare milk). You can also buy them at the bazaar.
At the market you can always buy seasonable fresh fruits and vegetables.
In Kyrgyzstan you can use cold water for drinking. However, you should boil cold tap water for tea (green or black), which is used during the meal. Hot tap water cannot be used for drinking.


Line voltage in Kyrgyzstan is 220 volt. Standard two-pin plugs and sockets. Frequency: 50 Hz

Restrictions on clothing

As the climate in Kyrgyzstan is very hot and dry, you should also take certain measures against dehydration, particularly in the period from April to October. It is recommended to have sunscreen, light and loose-fitting clothing made of thin natural fibers (in the summer) or warm mountain (in winter and in the ascent), wide-brimmed hats and funds agains insects. You should pay attention to shoes - the sole should be thick and robust, and the top should have good ventilation (requirements are relevant for the mountains.) When visiting religious sites it is advised not to wear shorts, as well as clothes with bare shoulders.

Emergency numbers

Police – 102, 
First aid – 103
Medical rescue service – 110
Rescue service ME – 161
Bishkek city directory inquiry - 262-317, 109