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 Cities of Kyrgyzstan


Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, the largest city with the population of 850 thousand. Mainly the population of Tajikistan is the Russians and Russian-speaking inhabitants. Bishkek is located in the center of the Chui Valley, at the foot of snowy Kyrgyz A...
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 Osh city, undoubtedly, is the most ancient city in Kyrgyzstan and in Central Asia. Its written history is more than thousand years, and archaeological findings are generally three thousand years.The foundation of Osh is connected to the settlement of anc...
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Issyk Kul

Issyk-Kul is the nonfreezing mountain miracle lake of the tectonic origin, situated in a deep mountain hollow between the ridges of the Kyungey Ala-Too and the Teskey Ala-Too range at an altitude of 1609 meters above sea level. Lake Issyk-Kul refers to the lak...
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