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General Information about Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, the official name is the Kyrgyz Republic – the state in the northeast of Central Asia, the main image within the western and central parts of the Tian Shan.Kyrgyzstan borders on Kaza...
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History of Kyrgyzstan

The history of Kyrgyzstan begins from the ancient times. A lot of archaeological finds - caves, ancient sites, petroglyphs, tools and other traces of material culture make it possible to present pictu...
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Kyrgyz cuisine

The Kyrgyz national cuisine is characterized by different meat, milk and flour dishes. Various kinds of meat are used for cooking meat dishes, they are: horse meat, mutton, beef, poultry, as well as m...
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Kyrgyz traditions and culture

Hospitality is the most traditional custom among the Kyrgyz, like among all nations. From ancient times, everyone who passed through the Kyrgyz village did not leave it without sharing food and shelte...
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Folk of the Kyrgyz people

Folk-lovers will be able to see the richness of the Kyrgyz folklore, national Kyrgyz instruments and the Kyrgyz epos. From ancient times the Kyrgyz people were famous for their musicality. The Kyrgyz ...
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Cities of Kyrgyzstan

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