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Kyrgyz mountains
Rubric: Nature of Kyrgyzstan

88 grand mountain ranges of powerful systems - Tien Shan, translated into Russian as "heavenly mountains" stretch out by long chains from east to west.The Central Tian Shan is the tallest and most maj...

Glaciers of Kyrgyzstan
Rubric: Nature of Kyrgyzstan

There are almost 8000 glaciers in the Kyrgyz Mountains. The height of the snow line hesitates from 3600m. on the left slopes of the Kyrgyz and Talas ranges, to 4600m. on the south slopes of the Inner ...

Kumtor field. Highland oasis
Rubric: Nature of Kyrgyzstan

People lived near Kumtor field in lithic age.At an altitude of 3500 –3700 metersabove sea level the Kyrgyz scientists found stone tools, used more then 40 thousand years ago.At the same place so...

Issyk Kul lake
Rubric: Nature of Kyrgyzstan

Issyk-Kul is the nonfreezing mountain miracle lake of the tectonic origin, situated in a deep mountain hollow between the ridges of the Kyungey Ala-Too and the Teskey Ala-Too range at an altitude of 1...

Kyrgyz cuisine
Rubric: Kyrgyz culture

The Kyrgyz national cuisine is characterized by different meat, milk and flour dishes. Various kinds of meat are used for cooking meat dishes, they are: horse meat, mutton, beef, poultry, as well as m...