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Archive of Blog: September 2013

Published: 09 september 2013

  Kyrgyzstan is a country with a rich history. There are more than 5000 architectural monuments of historical significance on its territory. Kara-Daria, Kosh-Bulak, Djanybazaeskiy and Shorobashat settlements were built in IV-I centuries BC.   The ruins of a big settlement Shorobashat are located between Uzgen and Jalal-Abad. It has an area of 70 hectares (1400х500m). Shorobashat is surrounded by a barrier with a length of 3 km and height of 6 m. Settlement consists of four fortified parts: religious complex, refuge, citadel and military camp. The size of the fortress-citadel is about 250х300 metres, it has trapezoid shape. During excavations there were found remains of some farmhouses on the territory of the settlement. The western part of the citadel served as a refuge for the local people where they hid during the attack of enemies. The military camp was different from all th...

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