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Kumtor field. Highland oasis

Published: 21 september 2012

People lived near Kumtor field in lithic age.
At an altitude of 3500 –3700 metersabove sea level the Kyrgyz scientists found stone tools, used more then 40 thousand years ago.
At the same place some burial grounds were found. They were built by the Huns in 3-5 centuries AD. In one of them the archeologists dug out the skeleton of the soldier. The soldier was amazingly tall – about2 meters. According to his appearance this man lived actively: there were fractures on his legs and ribs.
The most interesting were the excavations of medieval caravanserai. As the archeologists suppose, the caravanserai emerged in Kumtor valley approximately in the 10 – 11 centuries AD. At the same time one way of theGreat Silk Roadpassed on this place. The “hotel” for tired “dealer” was wide and had 16 rooms. The archeologists could open just three of them. They found beads, nails, kettles and even metal buttons of guests or owners of the caravanserai.
The Kumtor caravanserai existed till 17 – 18 centuries. Then it was left by the unknown reason.
The interesting fact is that the caravanserai is located in the special microclimatic zone. The archeologists were amused that the rain always skirted it. And the air is warmer then in the surrounding zone.
The traders were not first who noticed the caravanserai. Ancient hunters also stayed here. The proof of this fact are stone tools, which were in the earth till the excavations for many thousand years.
Now shepherds have taken note of this special zone. It is really the place, where people have been living for centuries.








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