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Kyrgyz culture

Ashlyan - fu - cold soup
Published: 11 march 2019

Ashlyan - fu - (ashlyamfu, ashlyan-fu) - national Uygur cold soup with noodles made of dough and pieces (most often in the form of straw) of starch. A rather peculiar taste due to possible origin - it is believed that China is the homeland of this soup. The root of the name "liang-fu" in Chinese means starch soup. But the prefix "ash" ("osh" among many nations of Central Asia) is usually means the term "food".However, its ingredients in China are very different from the world famous Karakol (Issyk-Kul). The most famous place where you can eat Ashlyan Fu are the foothills of Karakol. In a small village almost at every step, there are small houses where put 3-4 tables. This soup is usually served in this area with scalding pies with potatoes and hot spices. Dungans and Uigurs still argue over which of them owns this dish. So far they have not come to an agreement, since, if we compare the...

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Kyrgyz National clothing
Published: 22 february 2018

  The main emphasis in the creation of Kyrgyz National clothing is the heat preserving. Winter clothing was made on the basis of cotton, furs of wild animals and felt. It is known that the Kyrgyz people have worked on the land since ancient times, but the most of them led nomadic life, so the traditional Kyrgyz clothing is inherent features of nomad’s clothing.   Outdoor clothes is mainly was made of wool pets, but the most popular clothing was made of raccoon, sable and fox skin. There was a difference between ordinary people and rich people. Clothing of poor people was made from calico, while the clothing of rich people was made from silk, velvet and brocade.   The traditional men’s costume consisted of shirt (koynek) and trousers (shym). The shirt “zhegde” was sewn from calico; the length was below the knee. Men began to wear this type of clothin...

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Kyrgyz music
Published: 14 april 2015

Music plays an important part in traditional Kyrgyz society. There’re working songs, lullabies, love songs, ballads, celebratory and ritual music. Music conjured up a wide range of images, from heroics with dramatic (epic) effects to the beauty of natural scenery and various domestic themes.  Musical instruments Traditionally the nomadic Kyrgyz’ musical instruments were simple. They were made from materials readily available and easy to transport. The main instruments of Kyrgyz are komuz and the temir komuz. Komuz is a three stringed instrument similar to a guitar, ukulele and mandolin.  But there’re a lot of other instruments as the kyl kyyak (stringed instrument, a small violincello-like instrument), jygach ooz lomuz (reed instrument, made from wood), surnai sybyzgy (wind instrument), kerney (brass instrument) and others. Many of these instruments have retai...

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National holidays of Kyrgyzstan
Published: 23 june 2014

In all Muslim countries, also in Kyrgyzstan, Nooruz is celebrated on March 21, the day of the vernal equinox. This day the Kyrgyz people lay the cloth with various dishes. The main traditional dish is sumalyak, as it is prepared specially for this holiday. The preparation of the dish is accompanied by chanting and dancing. This day people hold festivities, visit their friends and relatives in order to honor the older members of family.The date of Orozo Ait (Id al-Fitr) is appointed by the lunar Islamic calendar. Id al-Fitr means the completion of fasting month of Ramadan. During this month, all Muslims keep a fast, it is nit allowed to take food and water before sunset. The holiday is celebrated after the end of the holy month. The day begins with a morning prayer. Orozo Ait is one of the main Islamic holidays.Kurman Ait or Id al-Adkha is the feast of Sacrifice. There is a legend, once o...

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Kyrgyz national games
Published: 07 june 2013

  National games and entertainments take a great place at Kyrgyz people since ancient times. Traditional horse games are the most loved and revered entertainments.   Ulak-tartysh means "gray wolf".  It is said that the game originated long ago, when the herds of animals grazed in the uninhabited steppes of Kyrgyzstan, so the livestock is often attacked by wolves. It was a great calamity for people. As people lived without firearms, courageous horsemen pursued the victim, forcing it to death. Two teams of 6-10 men took participation in the game. The purpose of each team is to throw the carcass of an animal in the opponent's goal. It was very difficult, because to throw 20-pound carcass requires a lot of effort.   Kiz-Kuumai is horse race between boy and girl. The aim of the game is that the young man should try to catch up with the girl. Girl’s horse is faster; i...

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Celebrations and festivals of Kyrgyzstan
Published: 24 may 2013

  Celebrations and festivals have a special place in Kyrgyzstan. Nooruz (Islamic New Year) is celebrated every year on 21st of March. In honor of this holiday people sew or buy new clothes. On the eve the residents of the city prepare sumalyak - a dish of wheat. There is a tradition, if at the time of cooking to make a wish, it will come true. In Bishkek folk festivals are completed with the game "Ulak tartysh". Entertainment events are held in every town and village. Nooruz holiday is celebrated around the world in Muslim countries, and to take part in it - it's a great honor for everyone. Uilonu u toy (wedding feast). Before the wedding, the parents of newlyweds prepare them clothes. Traditionally, the bride's relatives mourn the departure of a girl singing koshok (a song in honor of the girl's departure). Then the girl's relatives see off the bride to the groom's house, where the...

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Kyrgyz cuisine
Published: 19 september 2012

The Kyrgyz national cuisine is characterized by different meat, milk and flour dishes. Various kinds of meat are used for cooking meat dishes, they are: horse meat, mutton, beef, poultry, as well as meat of wild animals: mountain goat, sheep, roe. Brew is the most widespread way of the heat treatment of meat dishes.The favorite dish of the Kyrgyz is beshbarmak – chopped boiled meat of a young sheep. The meat is poured with the bouillon and mixed with the right angled noodles, which had been cooked in this bouillon before. The cooked mutton, which is cut for wide boggy slices before, is eaten with the pieces of finely rolled cooked dough in the form of squares. This dish is called kulchetay.The sausage from the horse meat with fat, called “chu-chuk” is the delicacy. Along with traditional meat dishes, new, borrowed from neighboring nations dishes, became widespread. They...

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