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Archive of Blog: March 2019

Cultural Center "Ruh-Ordo"
Published: 06 march 2019

Not far from the small town of Cholpon Ata, located on the northern coast of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, opened a unique and large-scale open-air museum "Rukh Ordo", named after the famous writer Chingiz Aitmatov. The author and creator of this cultural center is well-known deputy Tashkul Kereksizov. “Rukh Ordo” is not just a museum or a park, it is a place that combines religions and cultures of different nations and different times. There are five snow-white temples surraund of the huge territory of the center, which are distinguished only by the symbols of the five main religious movements, installed on the dome of each of them. These are Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism. Such a plan emphasizes the equality of all believers in the face of God. In each of these temples are located the main artifacts and images of saints belonging to the respective r...

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Ashlyan - fu - cold soup
Published: 11 march 2019

Ashlyan - fu - (ashlyamfu, ashlyan-fu) - national Uygur cold soup with noodles made of dough and pieces (most often in the form of straw) of starch. A rather peculiar taste due to possible origin - it is believed that China is the homeland of this soup. The root of the name "liang-fu" in Chinese means starch soup. But the prefix "ash" ("osh" among many nations of Central Asia) is usually means the term "food".However, its ingredients in China are very different from the world famous Karakol (Issyk-Kul). The most famous place where you can eat Ashlyan Fu are the foothills of Karakol. In a small village almost at every step, there are small houses where put 3-4 tables. This soup is usually served in this area with scalding pies with potatoes and hot spices. Dungans and Uigurs still argue over which of them owns this dish. So far they have not come to an agreement, since, if we compare the...

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