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Archive of Blog: January 2014

Published: 20 january 2014

  Manas is Kyrgyz epos and the name of main hero, uniting the Kirghiz people. It is the longest epic in the world. Unlike other epics, the Kyrgyz epic "Manas" tells not one hero but eight generations of one family. "Manas" was named in honor of Kyrgyz hero and khan named Manas. Epic was written in 9-10 centuries, its first lines appeared in 1856. According to legend, "Manas" was created not by poets but God. Waking up, artists of "Manas" had the ability to learn a million lines of verse.   Manas is famous hero of the Kyrgyz people, the embodiment of strength, courage and wisdom. Epic is said about representatives of eight generations of Manas family, headed by the Kyrgyz people in the fight for their freedom and happiness. "Manas" consists of 8 parts, narrating about a generation of heroes. Characteristic features of “Manas” are images of heroes and epic pictures. I...

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