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 Dungan mosque

  Dungan mosque is a magnificent specimen of China architectural style of Qing epoch. The building was built on May 10, 1910 by Chinese architect Zhou Si and 20 masters who specially came from China. Stone work was made by local craftsmen, wood work by the Chinese. The construction of this greatest building lasted for 3 month. Mosque’s length is 27 m, width is 15 m.

  At first sight, the architecture of the mosque is simple, but despite, the building was built without a single nail. Windows are located in the southern and northern walls. The facades are decorated with ornaments and unusual subjects. There are images of different plants and fantastic monsters - dragons, phoenixes, lions. According to the folk legends they protect buildings from disasters and evil spirits. Columns of a building were painted in red color, walls - purple, roof - green, carved constructions - in two colors; floral pattern – green and mythological animals – yellow.

  Dungan mosque is the greatest construction of Dungan architecture, as well as one of the important historical and artistic monuments of Kyrgyzstan.

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