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 Arashan Gorge

  Arashan gorge is located at an altitude of about 2600 metres, in a beautiful valley with spruce forests and fragrant flowers. Resort “Arashan” was organized in 1963 on the base of hot springs with high mineralization. It is amazingly beautiful gorge with high rocks.

  One of the main sights of Arashan gorge is glacial Lake Kashka Suu, located at the northern top of the glacier. There are also many beautiful waterfalls: Sharkyratma (height of 15 m), cascades of Kuldurek waterfall, Archaly-Tor (its water falls from a height of three-storey house), lake and waterfall Takyr-Tor (height of 15 metres), feeder of Anyr-Tor river flows on the right side of Arashan gorge. Ala-Kol Lake is located at the altitude of 3532 metres, it is very popular among tourists. There is a hot spring just 2 kilometres from the resort. Going down the gorge Arashan, you can see a hot spring just two kilometers from the resort, the bottom of which stretches for 10 kilometres.

  There are many streams with clear water in this amazingly picturesque place. Tash-Tekir River flows along the gorge’s bottom. There is an icy peak – Aksu wall (5022m) in the upper part of the gorge as well as the peak Soviet Russia is located to the east of the gorge.



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