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 Semenov Gorge

One of the main and the most beautiful sights in Kyrgyzstan is Semenov Gorge, located on the northern shore ofLake Issyk-Kul, in the famous mountains Kungei Ala-Too. Its length is about 30 km. Mountain River Ak-Suu flows through the bottom of the gorge. In the warm season, when there is a smell of mountain herbs, here are settled yurts, where you can taste national dishes of Kyrgyz cuisine, as well as to ride.

The slopes of the gorge are covered with majesticTien Shanspruces. There are dense thickets of currant, wild rose, barberry bushes on the left side. Local people believe thatmountainRiverAk-Suu is sacred. According to legend, this lake was formed as a result of the earthquake. Despite the cold water temperature, some people go into the water. It is said that if you plunge into the water three times, you will wash away all the sins.

 During the horse riding, you will be able not only go riding, but also enjoy the beauty of nature, listen to folk music, drink a healing drink – kumys, as well as to participate in cooking of national dishes and setting up yurts. All this will help you to experience the real Kyrgyz atmosphere. 

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