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 Local History Museum in Kyrgyzstan

  Local History Museum of Kyzylorda region in Kyrgyzstanwas opened on November 7, 1939. There are three main sections in the museum: historical, historical and revolutional, as well as the department of social construction. For the first time the museum doors opened for visitors on November 5, 1940. Museum collection includes over 20,000 items. Annually the collection is replenished by 400 exhibits. Here are the monuments of material culture from ancient times to the present day, flora, fauna and natural wealth.

  One of the valuable exhibits in the hall of the national dress is Batyr’s armours, as well as an ancient collection of coins. In 1980 the museum was given two-storey buildingfor the expansion of the museum exhibition, which was opened on May 7, 1985. Thanks to the museum, the residents of the area can get complete and true information about the Kyzylorda region, its history and culture. The archeology section has exhibits of people found in the ancient times. According to archeological and architectural monuments, we can say that the culture and economy of the region had a high level of development. New sections appeared in 2002 (“Kyzylorda region during the Secomd World War”, “Culture and Art”, “Etnography”).

  Today, the museum fund has 39,039 exhibits, 5,000 of which are represented in the museum exhibit. The construction of the museum building dates to 1953; it is one of the architectural monuments of Kyzylorda.

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