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 Barskaun gorge

One of the most beautiful gorges of Kyrgyzstan- Barskaun gorge is located on the southern shore ofIssyk-KulLake, 90 km from Karakol village. Its length is 30 km. The slopes of the gorge are covered with thick vegetation and shrubs. There are also a lot of snow-capped peaks, among which the best known are the peaks named Panfilov Heroes (4610m) and the World Peace Council (4310m).

 But the most extraordinary and exciting spectacle in this picturesque place are the waterfalls. One of these majestic waterfalls "Barskaun" is a public monument of nature. The waterfall height is 100 meters. There is a legend about this beautiful waterfall. Female leopard left her three small leopards and went hunting. When she came back, she saw her kittens fell and died in mountain cliffs. She began to cry, and her tears turned into a waterfall with three ledges. Besides “Barskaun” waterfall here you can see the other not less beautiful waterfalls: “Aksakal’s beard”, "Champagne Bubbles", "Manas’ bowl", as well as there is a picture of flying jumping goat at the entrance to the valley. There are also remains of majestic Kyrgyz fortress (IX-XIV centuries.) andmonumentofYuri Gagarinwhich shows that the famous astronaut rested in this lovely, picturesque place.

 Having been in one of the most beautiful places ofKyrgyzstan– “Barskaun” george, you will leave the most pleasant and unforgettable impression of the nature beauty, its majestic waterfalls and gold rivers.


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