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Archive of Blog: May 2013

Celebrations and festivals of Kyrgyzstan
Published: 24 may 2013

  Celebrations and festivals have a special place in Kyrgyzstan. Nooruz (Islamic New Year) is celebrated every year on 21st of March. In honor of this holiday people sew or buy new clothes. On the eve the residents of the city prepare sumalyak - a dish of wheat. There is a tradition, if at the time of cooking to make a wish, it will come true. In Bishkek folk festivals are completed with the game "Ulak tartysh". Entertainment events are held in every town and village. Nooruz holiday is celebrated around the world in Muslim countries, and to take part in it - it's a great honor for everyone. Uilonu u toy (wedding feast). Before the wedding, the parents of newlyweds prepare them clothes. Traditionally, the bride's relatives mourn the departure of a girl singing koshok (a song in honor of the girl's departure). Then the girl's relatives see off the bride to the groom's house, where the...

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