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Naryn is a small town settled on the both banks of Naryn river. Was enstablished in 1868 as a fortress for caravans travelling on the Great Silk Road.

Naryn lays on the road to Torugart Pass and China border, so several Asian tours passing through it. The town has several museums with history artifacts related to Naryn ancient history, but thats all. Currently Naryn own 3 campuses of University of Central Asia and by that Naryn slowly improving its economics and life quality.

Local citizens are mostly farmers, they're busy with animal husbandry. Main products of Naryn are horse meat, sheep meat and wool. The district is 10th largest in Kyrgyzstan (which itself is not that big, compairing it to Uzbekistan) , the population number have hit 41 000 people in 2018.


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