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Trip to the 4 Stans in Central Asia with Anur Tour
Author: Imran C (USA)
Trip Date: 2017/10/27
I booked my trip to the Central Asia with Anur tour for a 2.5 weeks trip across the Central Asia. I am glad that I used Anur Tours t plan my trip. I went to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. I was planning to travel to Turkmenistan but they are notoriously famous for rejecting visas with no explanation. While on the tour I found out that my visa for Turkmenistan has been refused. ...
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Best service, Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan tour
Author: Tanjakol Ljubljana, Slovenia
Trip Date: 2018/06/03
Me and my housband had a wonderful 20 days trip to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan wich was arrange by Elina from Anur tour. We have traveled around the world a lot, but this was the best service and one of the best experiences. Everything was perfect: the drivers, hotels, guides, yurt camps, tours, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. All the credit goes to Elina for adjusting and arranging for all our wish...
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Fantastic 12 days in Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan with Anur Tours
Author: Carmen, Caracas, Venezuela
Trip Date: 2018/05/18
I always travel on my own or with friends, but as I could only visit for 12 days, I decided to write to several tour operators in Uzbekistan to see what tours were available, as I did not want to spend time searching for plane and train tickets, reserving hotels, obtaining two visas (for which I needed Letters of Invitation, or LOI), etc. After receiving approximately 5 replies from different ag...
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