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  Tash-Rabat – caravanseray is located on the territory of At-Bashinskiy region in Kyrgyzstan. Originally Tash-Rabat was used as a monastery. It was built in X century. There are two versions about the appearance of the caravanserai. The first says that Tash-Rabat was built by Christian monks from Syria, according to another one it was founded by Buddhist monks.

  It is a rectangular structure with several domes. The fortress consists of a central hall and 31 rooms with 20 domes and 11 arches. There are elements of plaster “gunch” and clay in the interior of central hall. There are also many underground prisons (zindan), used as a shelter for refugees and place the study of religion.

  According to scientists, there was caravan route connecting Semirechie and Ferghana with Kashgar. There are not many structures built of stone in Central Asia. Tash-Rabat is one of the few buildings distinguished by size and architectural plan. There was found a deep hole in the centre of the hall covered with stone and hole in the middle.

  Tash-Rabat is the largest ancient stone construction in Central Asia. Today, Tash-Rabat is one of the main touristic sites in Kyrgyzstan.

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