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Show-exhibition of 3D pictures opens in Bishkek

Published: 01 april 2015
Show-exhibition of 3D pictures opens in Bishkek

Show-exhibition of 3D pictures “The main hero” opens in Bishkek. It starts from 5 March of 2015 and ends on 6 April in rooms of Frunze house-museum.

Each item represents a 3D-image. Modern technologies of printing combined with brilliant author's intention create interesting illusion of presence in a small exhibition hall of these parallel realities with your inner mood, meaning and plot.

Such kind of exhibition is held in Bishkek for the first time and that’s why attracts local people and tourists. The main hero of the exhibition is visitors. Topics of the exhibition are diverse, they can amaze everyone, because in real life very few people can find themselves in space gravity-free state, encounter with animated prehistoric reptile face to face or become a hero of favorite computer game.