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Giant horses near Bishkek

Published: 06 march 2019

Kyrgyzstan has always been famous for its horses. Kyrgyz has long been bred and grown horses. About four years ago, near the capital, the city of Bishkek, they began to grow a new breed of horse for the region - Percheron.

These are fairly large representatives of their own species, weighing about one ton and reaching almost 190 centimeters at the withers.

These beautiful giants were brought to Kyrgyzstan from faraway Europe, where from far times they were the best companions for the mighty knights. Nowadays they are mainly used for work where maximum endurance is required, and this type of horse is ideal for horseback riding because of the very smooth tread.

Horses of this breed are very popular in the countries of Central Asia, such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The milk of mares, obtained in excess, has many useful properties.


The owner of the horses says that the average cost of such a horse is about 20 thousand dollars.