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Archive of Blog: April 2015

Kyrgyz music
Published: 14 april 2015

Music plays an important part in traditional Kyrgyz society. There’re working songs, lullabies, love songs, ballads, celebratory and ritual music. Music conjured up a wide range of images, from heroics with dramatic (epic) effects to the beauty of natural scenery and various domestic themes.  Musical instruments Traditionally the nomadic Kyrgyz’ musical instruments were simple. They were made from materials readily available and easy to transport. The main instruments of Kyrgyz are komuz and the temir komuz. Komuz is a three stringed instrument similar to a guitar, ukulele and mandolin.  But there’re a lot of other instruments as the kyl kyyak (stringed instrument, a small violincello-like instrument), jygach ooz lomuz (reed instrument, made from wood), surnai sybyzgy (wind instrument), kerney (brass instrument) and others. Many of these instruments have retai...

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