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Archive of Blog: April 2014

Karakol George
Published: 23 april 2014

   One of the beautiful and picturesque places of Issyk-Kul Lake is Karakol George. Its rich and diverse nature, the finest spruce forests, numerous lakes and magnificent waterfalls, scenic hillsides attract hundreds of tourists. The gorge is located just 9 km from Karakol town. Here you can see the mountain flowers such as buckthorn, barberry and rosehips. When warm weather comes, the meadows are covered with beautiful carpets of tulips, snowdrops, edelweiss, asters. There is a holiday camp on the territory of the George. The most popular of them are Karakol peak and Dzhigit peak. You can also see different animals: deer, bears, snow leopards, wolves, wild boar, lynx and mountain goats, as well as birds of prey - vultures, eagles. There is a ski resort at the right tributary of Kashka-Suu River- a popular place for tourists and winter sports enthusiasts, as well as the go...

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