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 State History museum of Kyrgyzstan

  State History museum of Kyrgyzstan was founded in 1926, located near the Government House on Ala-Too square. The first exhibition was presented March 5, 1927. Originally it was called as the Central Historical Museum of Kyrgyzstan. In 1933 it was renamed the museum of local history. In 1954 it was awarded the name of the State Historical Museum.

  Today the museum area is 8000 sq. metres. There are 90000 exhibits, including samples of the primitive, slave and feudal systems, as well as exhibits of nomadic people, telling about agriculture and crafts. Particular interests attract the collections of women’s jewelry XIX-XX centuries, as well as the exhibits relating to the great migration of people. Most of them are devoted to the October Revolution in Kyrgyzstan, “Kyrgyzstan with Russia” and the World War. Many of these collections are included in the World Cultural Heritage.

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