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Karakol entered the top five ski resorts among the CIS countries

Published: 11 november 2015

karakolAccording to the information from Russia hotel online booking service, Karakol, ranked fourth among the ski resorts of the CIS and neighboring countries that are most popular among Russian tourists.

Karakol is the city and administrative center of the Issyk-Kul region, previously called Prjevalsk. It is known for its opportunities for recreation - hot springs, mountain lake Issyk-Kul, the ski resort with the conditions for extreme pastimes (skiing and skateboarding, paraplaning, mountain biking, hiking).

This rating is based on information on early bookings during the Christmas holidays at the beginning of January 2016. It was based on data from booking of recreational areas among the independent travelers. The Russians have placed the resorts in the following order:

1. Chimbulak (Kazakhstan)

2. Tsakhkadzor (Armenia)

3. Logoysk (Belarus)

4. Karakol (Kyrgyzstan)

5. Silichi (Belarus)