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Pobeda Peak

Published: 20 may 2014
  Pobeda Peak is the highest point of Tien-Shan Mountains (7493m), located on the border of Kyrgyzstan, east of Isyyk-Kul lake. It includes in the system of Koshkaal-Too ridge in Kyrgyzstan. Pobeda Peak is among seventhousanders of Kyrgyzstan, where there are also Lenin and Khan-Tengri peaks.

  In 1985 the Swede Sven Hedin was the first European man who discovered and measured its height -7320m. There are three peaks on the north side of the ridge: Victory Peak, Pobeda Peak and West Peak Nehru. Pobeda Peak is determined from 5 to the most difficult degree. The climbing on its top is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous, depending on the choice of the route. One of the most popular routes to the peak of Victory is considered the way through the northern ridge of Vaja Pshavela Peak. Its length is equal to ten kilometers. It connects to Nehru Top (6740m) on the west side. Snow slopes of the mighty range of Tien Shan – Kokshaaltau rise from Tengri-Tag ridge.

  Pobeda Peak takes the 78 place in the list of the highest mountains of the world, as well as it is considered one of the most difficult mountains for climbing. Its first explorers were Soviet climbers – groups of L. Gutman, E. Ivanov and A. Sidorenko. The mountain climbing and especially its conquest is a real feat.

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