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Tash-Rabat - caravanseray

Published: 20 august 2013
  Tash-Rabat is one of the few stone buildings in Atbashin region of Kyrgyzstan. It was built in the 10thcentury BC. Originally Tash-Rabat was like a monastery, which was founded by the monks. There are very few buildings and structures of stone in Central Asia. One of them is the Tash-Rabat.

  In 1980 architectural and archaeological structure of Tash-Rabat was well studied. It is a rectangle of 35.7 x 33.7 m with several domes, inside of which there is a large central hall and 31 rooms located around the room, topped with 20 domes and arches. The central hall’s floor is revetted with flat stone; the floor of other rooms is covered with nothing. Deep holes were found in some rooms, the depth of one of them is 2.7 metre and a diameter is 0.9 metre.

  It is still a mystery who built Tash-Rabat. According to the history, a caravanserai was built by a local ruler Mohammed Khan. But local people say that it was built by father and son. When the construction was almost built, the son saw approaching caravan. As he burnt with a desire to see who goes there, he went out and never returned. The reason for that was a pretty girl who was travelling in caravanserai.

  Tash-Rabat - caravanserai is one of the few buildings of the Middle Ages, which is well preserved to this day.

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