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Tash-Rabat - caravanseray
Published: 20 august 2013

  Tash-Rabat is one of the few stone buildings in Atbashin region of Kyrgyzstan. It was built in the 10thcentury BC. Originally Tash-Rabat was like a monastery, which was founded by the monks. There are very few buildings and structures of stone in Central Asia. One of them is the Tash-Rabat.   In 1980 architectural and archaeological structure of Tash-Rabat was well studied. It is a rectangle of 35.7 x 33.7 m with several domes, inside of which there is a large central hall and 31 rooms located around the room, topped with 20 domes and arches. The central hall’s floor is revetted with flat stone; the floor of other rooms is covered with nothing. Deep holes were found in some rooms, the depth of one of them is 2.7 metre and a diameter is 0.9 metre.   It is still a mystery who built Tash-Rabat. According to the history, a caravanserai was built by a local ruler Mohamm...

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Son-Kul Lake
Published: 12 june 2013

  Highland Lake Son-Kul is located between the ridges Sonkultau and Moldotau at an altitude 3016 m above sea level. It is the largest natural fresh reservoir of Kyrgyzstan, its area is 278 square kilometers, and the average depth is 8.6 m, a maximum is about 14 m, the length of the lake is 28 km. The shores of the lake are low, sometimes overgrown with reeds.   There are valuable species of fish and 69 different species of birds. The lake is home to valuable species of fish and 69 different species of birds. Depending on the weather, the water in the lake Son-Kul is painted in different colors - purple, blue, yellow, or orange. Unlike other lakes there are no trees. Here you can enjoy a variety of bright and rare species of flowers. There are such carnivores as wolves, foxes and snow leopards on the banks of the lake.   The bottom of the lake is rocky, covered with algae. ...

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Kyrgyz national games
Published: 07 june 2013

  National games and entertainments take a great place at Kyrgyz people since ancient times. Traditional horse games are the most loved and revered entertainments.   Ulak-tartysh means "gray wolf".  It is said that the game originated long ago, when the herds of animals grazed in the uninhabited steppes of Kyrgyzstan, so the livestock is often attacked by wolves. It was a great calamity for people. As people lived without firearms, courageous horsemen pursued the victim, forcing it to death. Two teams of 6-10 men took participation in the game. The purpose of each team is to throw the carcass of an animal in the opponent's goal. It was very difficult, because to throw 20-pound carcass requires a lot of effort.   Kiz-Kuumai is horse race between boy and girl. The aim of the game is that the young man should try to catch up with the girl. Girl’s horse is faster; i...

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Celebrations and festivals of Kyrgyzstan
Published: 24 may 2013

  Celebrations and festivals have a special place in Kyrgyzstan. Nooruz (Islamic New Year) is celebrated every year on 21st of March. In honor of this holiday people sew or buy new clothes. On the eve the residents of the city prepare sumalyak - a dish of wheat. There is a tradition, if at the time of cooking to make a wish, it will come true. In Bishkek folk festivals are completed with the game "Ulak tartysh". Entertainment events are held in every town and village. Nooruz holiday is celebrated around the world in Muslim countries, and to take part in it - it's a great honor for everyone. Uilonu u toy (wedding feast). Before the wedding, the parents of newlyweds prepare them clothes. Traditionally, the bride's relatives mourn the departure of a girl singing koshok (a song in honor of the girl's departure). Then the girl's relatives see off the bride to the groom's house, where the...

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Legends of the lake Issyk-Kul
Published: 31 october 2012

Issyk-Kul lake is a unique lake, from ancient times it considered magic.There are many legends about the origin of the Issyk-Kul. One legend tell that the origin of the lake is connected to a beautiful girl, who gave her life for her sweetheart.In ancient time there was an old city. The city belonged to the old and powerful khan, who was rich, but cruel. Once the khan knew that a beautiful girl lived in one poor family, and he decided to own her. The girl loved another young man. One day her sweetheart was leaving and put off the ring from his finger and put it on the girl’s finger. He said: “I will back soon. Never put off the ring; while you are wearing it, you are safe.” When the delegators of the khan came to the girl with rich gifts and made a proposal of marriage, she, as before, replied that she loved another man and would not become the wife of the khan.The girl...

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Kyrgyz mountains
Published: 25 september 2012

88 grand mountain ranges of powerful systems - Tien Shan, translated into Russian as "heavenly mountains" stretch out by long chains from east to west.The Central Tian Shan is the tallest and most majestic part of the Tien Shan mountain system. This is the most picturesque region of the Tien-Shan, a complex system of interlacing ridges (Terskey Ala-Too, Sary-Jaz, Kui-Lyu, Tengri-Tag, Enilchek, Kakshaal-Too, meridian ridge, etc.), crowned by the majestic peaks of the most northern of the world's highest mountains - Lenin Peak (7,134 m), Victory Peak (7439 m) and the fantastic pyramid Khan Tengri (7010 m, probably, the most beautiful and difficult to climb peak of the Tien Shan).The Central Tien Shan is the most attractive area for climbers. The most popular points of the ridge are the regions of Tengri-Tag and Khan-Tengri Peak ("Lord of Heaven", 7010 m), Tomul Pass, Victory Peak (7,439 m)...

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Glaciers of Kyrgyzstan
Published: 24 september 2012

There are almost 8000 glaciers in the Kyrgyz Mountains. The height of the snow line hesitates from 3600m. on the left slopes of the Kyrgyz and Talas ranges, to 4600m. on the south slopes of the Inner Tien-Shan and Pamir-Alay. The ice streams end at a height from 2900 to 4000 meters.The eternal snow and glaciers cover about 4% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan, which is about 8000 square kilometers. It is significantly larger than the area of the glaciers of the Caucasus and the Alps together. The glaciers contain about 590 km ³ of ice that is equal to 590 billion of cubic meters of fresh water. They could form a nearly 3-meter layer of water on the plane which is equal to the area of the country (198.5 thousand square kilometers).The glaciers of the country are the unique reservoir of fresh water, the main reserve and the source of water in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Their importance...

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Kumtor field. Highland oasis
Published: 21 september 2012

People lived near Kumtor field in lithic age.At an altitude of 3500 –3700 metersabove sea level the Kyrgyz scientists found stone tools, used more then 40 thousand years ago.At the same place some burial grounds were found. They were built by the Huns in 3-5 centuries AD. In one of them the archeologists dug out the skeleton of the soldier. The soldier was amazingly tall – about2 meters. According to his appearance this man lived actively: there were fractures on his legs and ribs.The most interesting were the excavations of medieval caravanserai. As the archeologists suppose, the caravanserai emerged in Kumtor valley approximately in the 10 – 11 centuries AD. At the same time one way of theGreat Silk Roadpassed on this place. The “hotel” for tired “dealer” was wide and had 16 rooms. The archeologists could open just three of them. They found bea...

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Issyk Kul lake
Published: 21 september 2012

Issyk-Kul is the nonfreezing mountain miracle lake of the tectonic origin, situated in a deep mountain hollow between the ridges of the Kyungey Ala-Too and the Teskey Ala-Too range at an altitude of 1609 meters above sea level. Lake Issyk-Kul refers to the lake, formed by a tectonic way, and as a result of orographic closed basins. The climate is distinctive, almost maritime. It is softer, warmer and damper than in other basins of the Tien Shan Mountains, located at the same height. The rare combination of the unique climate is in the valley: maritime, steppe and mountain, and zones of eternal glaciers.Issyk-Kul – one of the greatest and beautiful high mountain lakes of the world (170 km. high and 70 km. wide, the second biggest mountain lake in the world after Lake Titicaca in South America).“Issyk Kul” translated from the ancient Turkic languages means “holly, s...

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Kyrgyz cuisine
Published: 19 september 2012

The Kyrgyz national cuisine is characterized by different meat, milk and flour dishes. Various kinds of meat are used for cooking meat dishes, they are: horse meat, mutton, beef, poultry, as well as meat of wild animals: mountain goat, sheep, roe. Brew is the most widespread way of the heat treatment of meat dishes.The favorite dish of the Kyrgyz is beshbarmak – chopped boiled meat of a young sheep. The meat is poured with the bouillon and mixed with the right angled noodles, which had been cooked in this bouillon before. The cooked mutton, which is cut for wide boggy slices before, is eaten with the pieces of finely rolled cooked dough in the form of squares. This dish is called kulchetay.The sausage from the horse meat with fat, called “chu-chuk” is the delicacy. Along with traditional meat dishes, new, borrowed from neighboring nations dishes, became widespread. They...

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